Be Absolutely Gorgeous with Gauahargeous !!!

Hi, lovelies!!!

How are you? Sorry to keep you waiting. I had been super busy because of office work and my birthday. But, I had an amazing one!! Thanks to every single person who took time off to wish me. I love you guys.

Coming back to what I have in store for you. Well, the people who know me are aware of my love for Gauahar Khan. ❤

Today, I decided to style myself with my first designer brand ever (*.*) And, obviously, it had to be “Gauahargeous”.

For newbies, Gauahar has launched her own online clothing brand. And, I must say it has amazing quality at a very affordable price. Not saying this because I love her, but because it’s totally worth it. That is my gauahargeous (pun intended) piece of advice. You can try it for yourself ❤

Here, I’m wearing a Gold Ruffle Fille top. It is a full-sleeves shirt made of soft cotton and silk with a detailing of net-ruffle on neck and sleeves. This gold-mustard colour is outrageously gorgeous. It gives such a classy and vintage look.  Plus, the combo makes my hair shine through.

I paired it up with a basic black denim, a vintage gold coloured earrings and black heels. I kept the makeup minimal with nude lips. Also, I’ve uploaded a separate picture of the earrings because I was stupid enough not to click a close-up picture of my earrings -.-

Okay! Now you know why I chose the name “stupidlyattractive”? Haha…Yes, I’m that stupid but it’s okay! We all are, we do mistakes initially and learn from them.

Coming back to my look, this top can be styled in so manyyy ways. You can pair it up with shorts, wide legged palazzo pants, or maybe a black long skirt (even short for that matter :p).

It’s all up to you how you wish to style it depending on the occasion. And don’t worry, whatever time and occasion, this Fille top is going to rock any look from casual to classy. The detailing of net on the neck and cuffs is what makes this shirt look so stylish and unique.

To just amp up my look(or I would say to protect myself from the cold weather LOL), I threw a black coat on my shoulder. Come on! You need to stay warm right? 😛

And to complete it, I chose to wear some minimal rings. Told you they are my favourite 😉

So, that’s it for gauahargeous. Not exactly IT, because I’ll be wearing some more of the collection soon.

Till then, keep reading and supporting. I hope fashion gods smile on you after this blog .. 😉

If you want to check the amazing collection, is your shopping destination. And, whenever you buy, my ears are all for the whispers for your riveting styles and fashion combinations.

A very special mention to Dr. Meera Nagpal for these amazing earrings from her beautiful collection.

Picture Credits: To the young and talented boy Sartaj 

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  1. And this is my personal favourite till now 😘😍❤ the graph is just touching the peaks instantly 😘😘 keep growing , keep working 😍😍 rocked it 👍🙌


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