10 Outfits for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s just one day away, I assume many of you must be excited. Sometimes, this excitement can quickly turn into a nightmare as soon as you start thinking about the perfect outfit for the special day. Right?

Don’t worry!! I’ve got your back 😉 And, this is not just for the ladies who have their significant others but also for all the single ladies. Well, who knows- You might find your Mr. Right on the Valentine’s Day itself! So, dress up you all. You never know what life has in store for you!! 😀

And for all the ladies who are always into a dilemma of how much of a skin-show is okay? It’s quite simple! Just be comfortable and confident in what you wear!!  

1.Lace Dress


One thing that can never go wrong is a lace dress. Absolutely classy with right amount of elegance!

2. Mix it up

(Harpers Bazaar)

Take the best of both seasons to create one of the best look. A mini-skirt with an over-sized sweater serves both the purpose- Cute, yet sexy

3. Bring out your girly


Who says too girly cannot be hot. Bring out your girly side this valentine and go for Pinks. 😉

4. Coat Dress

(Harpers Bazaar)

If you are one of those girls who like to keep it really elegant, coat dress is what you should go for.

5. Semi Formal

(Harpers Bazaar – Cosmopolitan)

So all my girlies who don’t wish to put a lot of effort, just go for something like a camisole with pants and pumps. With this, you are all set to go.  Also, you can pair up your basic denims with a crop-top and a bright colored over coat.

6. Wrap around

(Harpers Bazaar)

Dinner date outfit is what you’re looking for? Try a wrap around dress !!

7. LBD

(Harpers Bazaar)

Who said black is not the color for Valentine’s?? Oh god, is there any girl who doesn’t love wearing black? LBD is the forever favorite! So bring out the dark romance this Valentine’s 😉

8. Boot it up

(Harpers Bazaar)

A mini dress with high boots is always a yes! Be it lunch or a dinner date.

9. Glam

(Harpers Bazaar)

Are you planning to party this Valentine? Add some sequences and give your day a sexy glam look.

10. The lazy cuties

(Harpers Bazaar)

Last but not the least, it’s not always about “Dress to Impress”. If you don’t feel like dressing up, just chuck it and wear a normal denim with a sweater and some cute shoes.

With all said, I hope that you have a great Valentine’s. I believe there is no particular day to show love. Keep spreading the love every single day. And just to make it special, bring a smile on one stranger’s face this Valentine’s. ❤

Till then, Be happy, Keep Loving and Supporting!!

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